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Game to Grow Case Study

What started as Wheelhouse Workshop in 2013 expanded into Game to Grow, a 501c nonprofit dedicated to using the amazing power of tabletop role-playing games to help teens, adolescents, and emerging adults become more confident, creative and socially capable. This expansion moved the company into more diverse communities with broader challenges while using a larger range of games.


The founders came to me for a logo that represented the expanded reach and goal of Game to Grow. This logo would be used in conjunction with crowd funding to execute plans for a brick & mortar gaming facility, more effective tools, and a broader community reach. 


Decisions Decisions

After much research into the tabletop gaming industry and many, many thumbnails, I presented two logotypes for the founders to choose from. The first logo direction was more organic with a green primary brand color and an obvious nod to growth with the leaves. The gears worked to indicate gaming as a vehicle for thought. 

Game to Grow Banner

The second logo took us in a sleek, sophisticated direction with the nod to gaming in the maze-like uppercase G with a more angular, geometric structure. This logo had a sophisticated tech vibe with edgy colors. 

Game To Grow Logo 2
Game to Grow Dice Bag
Game to Grow Tshirt 2
Game to Grow Branding 2
Game to Grow Tshirt 2

Dungeons and Dragons is a primarily analog game featuring dice, paper, a DM and your imagination. The organic leaf & gear logo with the earthy color palette felt like a natural fit for the future of this nonprofit. 

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