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About SimplyFun

SimplyFun is a direct selling board game company that believes in the undeniable power of shared play to learn, grow and realized our fullest, brightest potential. SimplyFun’s core brand emphasizes learning that is a spirited, connected experience for all. SimplyFun launched a rebrand in January 2017 in collaboration with HUM creative and myself. However, one critical piece was missing –

a new, rebranded website. 


  • Dedicated Champions - Those that make an active, personal and passionate commitment to their child’s development and ultimate success.

  • Independent Consultants - Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for SimplyFun’s mission to run their own business. 

Main Objectives

  • Communicate the business opportunity.

  • Share information about hosting a Game Party.

  • Simplify communication & design for newly established brand guidelines.


Secondary objectives:

  • Fully responsive design.

  • Lead generation capability.

  • Increase brand equity and online reach by expanding content.

  • Create resource sections highlighting our product promise, awards, educational standards, safety standards and academic testing requirements.

  • Increase thought leadership with a redesigned, highly browsable blog.

  • SEO optimization & analytics.


It was important to SimplyFun that the design be engaging, playful & lighthearted while remaining inspiring and informational. The brand guidelines, color palette and font were established in our rebrand, so we needed to define the styling points and the framework to make the site responsive. Then we moved into overall layout and wireframes.

Bringing It Together

Working with a very tight timeline of 3 months, my role was to execute the responsive visual design of the entire website using Adobe MUSE, then pass on the exported pages as approved to our IT department for back-end development. There was much collaboration between the marketing director, CEO, myself and IT at each stage of the redesign.

You can view the live website here.


Before Redesign

Join Page

Before Redesign

Host Page

Before Redesign

Mobile Responsive Layouts​

SimplyFun Website Responsive Design
SimplyFun Website Responsive Design
SimplyFun Website Responsive Design
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